We always ask ourselves why we want to sell a product. As we in our personal lives have a very thoughtful approach to buying, we only want to offer truly useful and/or meaningful and high quality pieces. If a product does not serve a functional purpose or if it is not bringing joy to life we do not consider it for our shop. Where ever possible we work together with independent makers, designers and artists that work with their hands and focus on their process, as we believe that hand-built products on a small scale bring along extra love and passion – therefore positive feelings and long-lasting joy. We practice to be mindful with the little things in life. So in the end, what we offer, is a part of our home. It is very valuable to us and we hope that it will bring value and mindfulness to you as well.

To ensure we pay attention to humans, animals, nature and the earth we defined the following values that all our products have to meet:

≈ All products consist of materials that are long-lasting, recyclable or bio-degredable
≈ All products consist of natural or recycled materials
≈ Deforestation free; No materials or ingredients that harm (rain)forests
≈The paper of Books & Magazines we offer is sustainably sourced and usually FSC certified or tree-free
≈ All products are plant-based
≈ Plastic free products, packaging & shipping (with a few necessary exceptions, for example in case of shipping heavy objects)
≈ We pay what the people behind the products ask for and try our best to make sure everyone in the process involved gets energy out of it
≈ Climate Neutral Shipping; Wherever possible we ship with bicycle messengers ( and compensate CO2 emmissions per parcel

We also work with an ethical, sustainable bank and insurance. It is often underestimated – but which bank and insurance you choose is a very important vote for humans, animals, nature and the earth.