Bamboo Cloth Wipes – Bundle Of Three

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Bamboo Cloth Wipes – Bundle Of Three
Bamboo Cloth Wipes – Bundle Of Three
Bamboo Cloth Wipes – Bundle Of Three

Bamboo Cloth Wipes are naturally anti bacterial made with no harmful toxins, colour dyes or chemicals. Fabrics derived from bamboo are significantly more absorbent than cotton and last longer too. They are gentle even for the most delicate skin. Bamboo is a natural material and is one of the oldest fibre crops being over 6000 years old. The Bamboo Cloths are suitable as well for rashes, sensitivity and acne. They are not only great for adults but also magic for children and toddlers. 

These Bamboo Cloth Wipes come in a bundle of three.

Honest Skincare is an independent organic skincare brand, a home-grown business that started in 2009.

At honest, they believe that less is more. They lovingly craft each product by hand so they know exactly what goes into everything they make. Nature has provided us all that we need to nourish, restore, protect and heal, so Honest Skincare only uses 100% pure ingredients with powerful properties to take care of our skin. They also believe that if nature is taking care of us, we should be looking after nature too, so their packaging is simple, biodegradable and recyclable or reusable. 


Handmade in England

Handwash in the sink, soak in an infusion of essential oils and let them air dry. Avoid detergents and fabric softeners. Alternatively machine wash at 30 degrees then leave to air dry.

May you would like to use them instead of wipes or cotton wool in your or your child's daily skincare routine.

The Bamboo Cloths are recyclable with textile. 

We really appreciate soft and reusable cloths when it comes to washing our face and body. We can not only save a lot of one-way cotton pads but at the same time we enjoy a gentle massage giving to ourselfs while practicing our skincare routine. We do not have children yet but we believe that they would enjoy these bamboo cloths as much as we do. 

Bamboo Cloth Wipes – Bundle Of Three
Bamboo Cloth Wipes – Bundle Of Three
Bamboo Cloth Wipes – Bundle Of Three