Conjac Sponge


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Conjac Sponge
Conjac Sponge
Conjac Sponge

The HYDROPHIL Konjac sponge - made from konjac root - is ideal for gentle cleansing, peeling and massage of your skin. It provides moisture and helps due to its alkaline property with acne-prone skin. 

Because of its naturalness and particularly soft, gentle surface the sponge can also excellently be used for washing toddlers & infants.

During production, the root of the konjac plant is grounded into flour. The resulting white konjac flour is mixed with water and baked in the oven to a sponge. In Japan, the Konjac sponge has been used daily to wash the face for over 1500 years, while in Korea it is traditionally reserved for baby care.

HYDROPHIL from Hamburg, Germany creates innovative and sustainable hygiene products. Products that should serve to broaden the view for topics such as sustainability and scarcity of resources. They want to achieve beautiful things with beautiful things. Their common vision: the production of a sustainable full range for the bathroom - water-neutral, vegan & fair.

This means: Whenever possible they use resources which don't endanger ground or drinking water and don't require artificial irrigation. In this way the team of HYDROPHIL can significantly reduce water consumption and make people aware of it. In order to have a positive influence on our world, their products neither contain animal products nor are they tested on animals. They also believe that fair work deserves a fair reward. They keep a personal eye on their value chain down to the smallest detail and ensure that their products are produced fairly. HYDROPHIL's mission: They want to sensitize you to sustainable consumption in your everyday life with their products.

Nice-to-knowThe word HYDROPHIL comes from the Greek and means water-loving. They donate 10% of their profits to the non-profit association Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V., which is committed to providing access to clean drinking water for people in countries of the global South.

Purely vegetable - 100% konjac root

Simply moisten the Conjac sponge with water and massage your body and/or face in circular movements.

Let the Sponge air-dry after use.

The Conjac Sponge is biodegradable and can be composted in your home compost  or in a community garden near your home.  

The Self Care essentials of HYDROPHIL do not only look good and simple but also feel good while using. We really appreciate that they can get disposed mindfully after having them used multiple times. It is not only beneficial for us to use their products to stay in balance with our bodies but also for the earth and it's resources. 

◦ Water-Neutral
◦ Vegan
◦ Fair

Conjac Sponge
Conjac Sponge
Conjac Sponge