Smellscape Mist 250 ml – Repel by Lingua Planta


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Invoked by the invigorating scent of vetiver, bergamot, galbanum and citrus oils, you imagine yourself sitting underneath a lemon tree in a Sicilian vegetable garden in spring. Use a couple of sprays in your home for an uplifting effect.

Top notes:
red clementine

Heart notes:
black and pink pepper
lavender absolute

Base notes:
clary sage

For a very long time now humans have placed themselves above other species. Relatively new research has shown plants do communicate and are exchanging complex information with each other, with insects, animals, even humans. This is the language of scent; Lingua Planta. Lingua Planta offers plant lovers a new perspective on greenery with these molecular build perfumes with essential oils that come from nature. A journey of attention has been put into finding the finest aromatics to ensure a high-quality product that is also friendly to earth. All Lingua Planta products are hand-blended in Utrecht, the Netherlands. They are artisinally made with natural essential oils, ecologic where possible and with love for nature and all things natural in our mind, heart, and noses.

Merle Bergers, conceptual designer based in de Bilt, Utrecht, the Netherlands experienced the the inter-connectedness of plants and trees, insects and bigger animals firsthand by growing up in a small forest in the east of the Netherlands. During her studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven she grew more and more fascinated by the possible reality of plant communication. Nourished through books by the likes of forester ecologist Peter Wohlleben and writer-scientist Daniel Chamovitz she went on a journey to dig deep into the matter of plants fragrant messages. Built on the actual volatiles plants use to communicate Lingua Planta has its roots deep down in scientific research.

Keen to lean, adapt and evolve. Ever-learning, ever-growing.

Hand-blended in Utrecht, Netherlands

You can use Lingua Planta as a daily reminder of plant intelligence and as a lovely perfume for your home or body.

Both glass and lid are fully recyclable. 

We find the project «Lingua Planta» by Merle Bergers fascinating idea – which is why we got in contact with her soon after we have seen her work at Object Rotterdam. To research how plants communicate and translate this findings into a perfume with the same intentions, to us, is a very loving result. The smell of the combination of these pure natural extracts do literally resemble nature. Depending on the fragrance, your senses dive into  a flower garden on an early spring day, or into a cool forest floor in autumn. We are grateful for this work to be here.