Stura Hevea Sole by Raphia


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Stura Hevea Sole by Raphia
Stura Hevea Sole by Raphia
Stura Hevea Sole by Raphia
Stura Hevea Sole by Raphia

A handcrafted raffia laced-up shoe with a natural rubber sole. The upper shoe is made of leaves from the Raphia taedigera, a palm tree that grows in tropical Africa. The dried leaves are hand-stitched around the shoe in the area around Essaouira in Morocco. The different techniques used in this process, result in the unique patterns of Raphia shoes.

The sole is made of 100% natural rubber and handcrafted in France. This shoe is very light and open, and is completely plant-based.

Raphia develops shoes and loves natural materials. It is founded by Said Belhadj, based in Utrecht in the Netherlands, where he co-runs the young designer shop Puha. Raphia makes him travel en connect with his roots in Morocco, where he is always in search for unique products and crafts.

Uppershoe: 100% natural handcrafted raffia fiber
Sole: 100% natural latex (hevea milk)
Laces: 100% cotton

Every item is unique and slight variations may appear.

Please note that the male sizes come up bigger so we would advise thinking of going for two sizes smaller than the usual shoe size if you order a Raphia shoe designed for a man. 

The Raphia shoes are only available in our physical shop at the moment. In case you would like to order them online, please leave a notification request with the  size you would like to go for !

Here you are able to find the sizes which we can offer to try on at the moment:
Men 44 – 45 – 46
Women 37 – 40 – 41

Morocco, France & Utrecht, Netherlands

We are still very fascinated when we discover every day items we think cannot be reinvented yet they are. The wonderful Raphia shoes were one of these surprises. The materials are all natural and the Stura Hevea Sole collection even plant-based, the design is unique and the comfort of these shoes is indescribable. They are designed and produced very small scale by Said himself, a curious designer from Utrecht and other people he collaborates with. 

Stura Hevea Sole by Raphia
Stura Hevea Sole by Raphia
Stura Hevea Sole by Raphia
Stura Hevea Sole by Raphia