Wrapped Stone – Se Musabi


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Wrapped Stone – Se Musabi
Wrapped Stone – Se Musabi
Wrapped Stone – Se Musabi

Each stone is intuitively wrapped using centuries old ornamental knots used in Japanese Ikebana Basketry. The process is deeply meditative and it takes time to connect with each stones individual nature, therefore each stone is one of a kind and different in shape and colour. 

Mindful Objects was created by designer Flik Hall as a space to explore and create thoughtfully designed objects. Having navigated a challenging period of poor mental health, it was important for Flik to channel her energy in a calming and restorative way. The core focus is on consciously creating through meditative processes to nurture and maintain balance.

Her first objects are a series of cane wrapped stones using centuries old ornamental knots used in Japanese Ikebana basketry.

Flik is inspired by the wisdom of what the stone can teach us about slowing down our minds, to bring balance and serenity into our lives. In many cultures the stone is revered as a symbol of calmness and is believed to hold many teachings from the Earth Mother.

At the heart of Flik's work is the understanding that each stone has journeyed millions of years before us and already has a story to tell. Many of us collect stones that we feel called to, connected to at the core of our soul being. Perhaps our story somehow merges with the stones mystery, our stories, our memories become one.

Small: Approx 6-9 cm
Medium: Approx 10-14 cm 

Handmade in London, England

Each stone represents hours of work, and should last a very long time if handled with care. If you don't like it anymore, this beautiful piece can be a mindful gift for a dear friend.

Never we have seen anything more calming, more combining the vast strength  of nature with the mindfulness of delicate craftswomanship, then these Mindful Objects. Flik Hall creates these objects according to traditional Japanese Ikebana basketry. Although her studio is based in London, we feel like these stones are emerging from another time of humanity, from a time in traditional Japan, where crafting the most precise and simple way was highly valued. The stones can be used to meditate with, or simply as a treat for the eye, holding so much wisdom within.

Wrapped Stone – Se Musabi
Wrapped Stone – Se Musabi
Wrapped Stone – Se Musabi